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AutoStart Should be an Input to XNET Write

Status: New

AutoStart Property.PNG

Currently AutoStart is a feature of XNET that is not intuitively obvious.  One of my co-workers was trying to test out the idea of having several queued sessions start with slight delays between them (using the Start Time Offset CAN Frame property).  The code wasn't working properly due to preloading the array of frames to transmit using XNET Write (which caused some frames to transmit early).  Note that a NI Applications Engineer on a support request was not able to figure out that AutoStart was the issue before the co-worker noticed the AutoStart property a few hours later.

Note that no documentation on XNET Write mentions the AutoStart Feature.  The XNET Start VI context help doesn't mention it, but the documentation does indirectly mention being optional and points you to the AutoStart property's help for additional details.

I would recommend an optional input to XNET Write (defaulting to true) to activate AutoStart.  This would match the DAQmx API's Write VI.  It also would be a good idea to note that input sessions always start automatically somewhere in the XNET Read documentation.