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Add support for multidevice tasks on M Series

Is there any technical reason why this cannot be added to DAQmx?  M series boards still have features that cannot be found on X or S series such as analog current input.

Ideally, it would be best to be able to have multidevice tasks for both M and X at the same time.

Knight of NI

Exactly what are you asking for? You can have as many different analog input/outputs (i.e. AI Voltage and AI Current) as you want in a single task. You cannot have separate tasks for the same resource since there is only a single clock for each resource. This has been endlessy discussed.

Active Participant

Multi-device is the key word here.  You cannot arbitrarily create an AI task with channels from multiple devices unless they meet certain criterion which is that they all must be from the same device type (X,S or DSA but not currently M series)

Trusted Enthusiast

The feature sachsm is asking for is currently available on some other NI products.  It allows for users to synchronize multiple devices by simply configuring them as a single task (they must be either in the same PXI chassis or configured on the same RTSI cable--the sharing of clocks and triggers is then configured for you under-the-hood).  However, the feature is not currently available for M Series.

John Passiak
Active Participant

Just to be restating my original post, the feature I am asking for is specifically multidevice AI tasks for M series cards and then possibly the ability to mix device types into the same task as well.

Why was that so hard to understand?

Trusted Enthusiast

Makes sense to me--there isn't really a technical reason why this wouldn't be possible (depending on what other types of devices you intend to synch to).  However, the underlying M Series code isn't really set up for this so there would be a good deal of software effort required to implement the feature.  This priority of this feature would have to be evaluated against other new features that are being developed.

John Passiak