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LabVIEW Live! - Virtual User Group this April 22nd

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Great news! Our Dallas LabVIEW user group is going live online, beginning with this month's event.  It is also open to anyone regardless of geographic location, so please pass it on to your colleagues.

We have a fantastic topic and a great presenter, who happens to be the winner of our last Coding Challenge.



A Framework for Class-based Arrays and UIs in LabVIEW
A framework has been developed that provides better run-time functionality than XControls and allows the creation of custom array-like functionality with different elements all while supporting LVOOP and dynamic dispatch. This object-oriented panel framework allows mixing controls and indicators into a class-based UI which is useful for tools such as recipe editors and creating multiple clones of the same UI panel. The presentation will cover how dynamic dispatch functionality has been implemented for these panel classes, how panel state is managed, and how custom arrays can be created. The framework will be demonstrated with a temperature setpoint recipe editor complete with preview graph.


Derrick Bommarito, Global Test System Developer at Halliburton Energy Services

Derrick is LabVIEW architect (emeritus) that has worked for several NI Alliance Partners and our February LabVIEW Meeting Coding Champion. He now develops and supports high pressure testing and automation software for Halliburton and does hobby robotics and open source LabVIEW development on the weekends. He is supremely excited about the upcoming launch of LabVIEW Live and has been working to recreate a number of libraries for open source sharing with other LabVIEW developers.



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Anyone looking for a preview of the user group meeting check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B2zdB-ovFI


You'll probably want to skip to about halfway. I'm still learning to demo the functionality before giving the implementation tour 🙂

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