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Get support when using Delacor toolkits.
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I'd like to have a way to duplicate a module easily through DQMH module menu.

Just a very, very simple proposal for consistency, as per what the title says: when a "Panel close?" event is triggered in "External Launch" mode, the module should probably broadcast a "Panel hidden." Status updated. Like this:




Do you agree or is there any reason I'm missing for which the broadcast was not placed there?



A time delayed message in my opinion would be an useful edition to DQMH.


I understand that helper loops can be used to do timing with event structure timeouts. This becomes problematic when you need arbitrary number of timing instances at runtime. I agree resource intensive timing should be in helper loops but you may want to set up a heartbeat or check a certain signal periodically.


I did this in my application by creating a child of the messaging class and extending the class with AF style timing. But it would be nice to have this naively in the messaging library.


AF Time-Delayed Send Message VI: https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361R-01/lvcomm/af_td_send/

Instead of selecting each item to be updated then click update. It would be nice to have an update all or be able to select multiple items to be updated.. Especially when going to a newer version (like 4.x to 5.0)


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When using the Request and Wait for Reply pattern, the time-out happens locally (with a usually hard-coded default-value).

The module receiving the message has no idea of the time-out on the client side (timeout meaning: When did I send the message to the module?, When do I not care about an answer anymore?).


I suggest incorporating such info (i.e. "Timeout End Timestamp") into the request message automatically, so that the module can do sanity checks before processing the request (i.e. "Time-out occured already, so I'm not executing the request at all, since the caller doesn't care anymore").


Furthermore, I think it is helpful, if you can choose during creation of a "Request and Wait for Reply" event with the wizard, if the time-out should be exposed or the default constant should be used, bringing this decision to the attention of the developer.


Thanks !