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Alow creating several events / modules in a row

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Today when I finish creating an event / module, If I want to create a new one I've got to click again on Tools => Delacor => DQMH => Create...

Sometimes, after planning my architecture I'll need to create several modules/events in a row to start building my app.

Going through the menus each time is a pain in such case.


Maybe replacing the OK button by a Create button and a Create and Continue button would help to this (like you can have using Redmine for example).


The Create button would act like the OK button today.

The Create and Continue button would generate the new event / module but without closing the window.

It would simply reset the fields to their defaut values (and reopen a new virgin payload/paramater window in case of creating an event).


This way creating several items in a row would be really faster and easier.


(more details in the ppt attached)


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Kudo for module creation. Not sure that I'd like it for events. I tend to agree with Fab's way to think about keeping a constant effort to have the tester (and at least a part of the request in the module) working each time you create a new event.

If adding multiple modules in a row doesn't seem to be an issue, adding multiple events could lead to a reduction of development quality.


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Hi Olivier,

I agree with Fabiola but IMO it should be a developer decision to update the API tester one event creation after one event creation.

If the API tester is updated each time after an event creation (so several times in a row), a developer can decide to complete the code for all the created entries in the API tester at once...


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Hi Cyril, 


DQMH is much about the code as it is about the philosophy of encouraging good programming practices. I have seen it, people are still struggling to keep the API Tester up to date, if we add too many events at a time... they will say: tomorrow I will update the API Tester...


Tomorrow never arrives




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If they don't update the API tester for 1 event, why would they update for several ? You're right !

But if they update the API tester for 1 event, why wouldn't they do it for several ? 🙂


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