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Add "local" events for helper loops (esp. in cloneable modules)

Status: New

This feature request is adding to the already existing "Private Request" and "Helper Loop Creation" requests (or not?):


When working with helper loops in cloneable modules, it would be nice to have a way for sending messages from the MHL to the helper loop which doesn't need the module ID, and which doesn't interfere with other clones' helper loop timings. I'd still like this new mechanism to look and feel like the regular events, with all the scripting and other goodness.


Maybe instead of calling them private events, a better name would be "local" events (which would, of course, be set to private scope).

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Interesting suggestion.  Just yesterday, I experimented with using channel wires to pass an event from the MHL to the HeL (Helper Loop).  I didn't spend long on it yet - trying to work out if I can blend the events generated by the channel wire with the Stop Module event - no luck yet - not sure if this is even possible.

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