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What made DQMH click for you?

Lumos! That's what the Olivier project is called now.





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What made DQMH ‘Click’ for me?


We historically had an internal framework based on events and QMH. The transition to DQMH was smooth and easy.

That was the first argument to move from an internally maitained framework to an externally maintained framework.

Knowing the people on the DQMH board, I was very confident that the maintenance of DQMH would be done well and for a long time.


The second argument was the fact that all modules 'look alike'. By this I mean that once one knows how a DQMH module look like, you can open any other code made with DQMH (even modules that you did not program yourself) and you can immediately know where to look at.

This is very convenient when doing code reviews, code audit, code exchange.


Also, training newbies in the company is very easy due to all examples taht are given when installing the framework. They are ready fast to create DQMH modules and it is very easy for them (after being trained) to begin creating modules that will fit into bigger applications.

No OOP involved for crititical operations, it easy and fast for a rookie to ramp up !


Last but not least: the testers taht come for (almost) free when creating modules (you still have to maintain them 😉 ).

When you understand their purpose and how to use them, you can't do without. Code quality arise, bugs are found sooner.

And it helps understanding how a module works (it is basically a user manual...).


Yeah, I guess it sumarizes quite well what made me click 🙂

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One of the things that clicked for me is the ability to launch cloneable instances, I almost felt of my chair when I discovered LabVIEW could do that, and this is accesible in DQMH, no more copy-pasting and modifying code for each device 😝 🙈.


Another thing I love is the scripting Tools, create, edit, modify, and even delete code with practically zero effort. The scripting magic lets me focus on solving the problem, without worrying all the terrifying details. It's like having a safety net that encourages experimentation and iteration. Plus, the scripting tools help me maintaining my code over the years super easy. No more digging through spaghetti code, trying to understand and continuously asking myself 'what I was thinking?', 'why I did that?', 'where is the...?', once you know DMQH Framework it is easy to navigate and get familiar with the code even if you did'n wrote it.


Another aspect that clicked for me is the community behind, a lot of super smart people willing to help and maintaining the Framework, that is amazing.


Finally the documentation. DQMH is well-documented, with clear explanations and instructions, anytime you use the scripting tools there is documentation for you, when the scripting tools finishes there are blue text notes telling you what you should do next, DQMH documentation is everywere.


There are probably more clicks... I'll back to edit my comment if I remember more 🤓




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