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TestStand DQMH Reported Error Broadcast

Hi to all


I'm new to DQMH and I could sucessfully create my first Module in LabVIEW.

Now I want to integrate my Module to TestStand.

How is it possible (what is the best approach) to catch the "Reported Error Broadcast" from my Module.


I already used google and looked into the examples but i couldn't figure out what the best approach is.


I hope somebody here can give me a hint.


Thanks and I'm very impressed from the DQMH Framework!

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Hi Python007,


1st step would be to look at Cyril Gambini's GLA Presentation:

GLA Summit 2022: Using DQMH with TestStand - Tips, Tricks, Pros and Cons:



Cyril, Doyoung and Raphael then worked on the DQMH Testandifier by Neosoft Technologies to help make it easier to integrate DQMH modules in TestStand. You can get it from VIPM:



If any question about the DQMH Testandifier, you can post them on this forum: https://forums.ni.com/t5/Neosoft-Technologies/Support-Forum-Neosoft-DQMH-TestStandifier/td-p/4328567

We are working with NI to have a better forum for it but for the time being, this is the best option


Hope this helps!

Vincent Carpentier, Ing./Eng.
Neosoft Technologies
DQMH Trusted Advisor
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Thanks for your replay!

I will take a look at you Tool!



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