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Question about Rename DQMH Module

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I have upgraded to DQMH toolkit v3 Beta since the mass compile issue previously noted in: https://decibel.ni.com/content/message/144824#144824

It has been working well and we are in the process of setting up some template projects and libraries for our group.

I had a question about what the Rename DQMH Module. According to the note on the dialog for renaming a module, it clarifies that anything being called will be updated which is fine. However, it seems like there are a quite a few VIs that are being saved when there is no call chain. This causes a lot of files to be commited to SCC. There doesn't seem to be any issues when I revert this files but I just wanted to clarify if these VIs are getting recompiled during the renaming process?

Thanks and great toolkit by the way.


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Hi K,

Do you have your project set to separate compiled code from new project items?

To check this, right click on your project and select Properties. Then select the Project Category on the left and on the right there is a check box that says "Separate compiled code from new project items". While you are there, you can click on Mark Existing Items... button to see if your current project items are marked or not.



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Hey Fab,


We don't separate compiled code from source file as most of our applications are built into .exe. We tend to hand our applications onto our customers, who maintain the repositories and the applications. As a process, adding the source distribution doesn't work well for us, so we end up sacrificing the SCC benefits that it gives us.



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Accepted by topic author K_Bull

After the library is renamed (and saved), the Rename DQMH Module tool runs the following VI on the owning project:

vi.lib\Utility\EditLVProj\Save All This Project.vi

This is because the tool assumes that some calling code in the project will need to be saved, but it doesn't parse the entire project to try to find the specific callers. Although that is technically possible, it's not all that easy to implement, so the scripting tool takes the easy route and just does a Save All on the project after renaming the library.

I'm hoping that renaming a DQMH module is an uncommon enough occurrence that this burden isn't too terrible?

DNatt, NI
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Thanks Darren.

Thats what I thought might be the case.

I cannot imagine renaming too many times. I am creating a new template project with a new custom DQMH template to be shared within my team. And as such, upgrading/recreating the previous modules to be derived from the same template.



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