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One Module appears multiple times in the "Create New DQMH Event" Window

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Hi all!


When we developing on embedded systems like cRIOs, sometimes we have more than one target for our code (e.g. for testing), and the code is in auto-populating folders so the same files appear under every target. In the following example we have three DQMH-modules under the folder "Modules".

Project with several Targets


If I add a new Event with the DQMH-tools (Tools -> Delacore -> DQMH -> Create New DQMH Event), in the list where I can select the DQMH-module, every module appears multiple times (one entry for every target). The same is true for the other functions where I can select a module.

DQMH - New Event.png


It seems that the DQMH scripting recognizes every module under every target in the project, even it's the same module (and same files) for every target. When I select a module from the list, it makes no difference which one of the multiple occurrences I select, the scripting works in any case.


My proposal for a bugfix is to just filter the list for multiple occurrences. Maybe this can come in a future release. 




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Hi Manu,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will look into addressing it for the next release we are working on.




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