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Multiple events to single event case

I have legacy code I am considering refactoring to DQHM, at least for certain parts of it. 


In my current implementation I have four separate graph panes on the front panel. Each of these have a number of identical dedicated graph control buttons.  In my event structure I select each of the four "instances"  in the same  event case, since I can then re-use the associated code by wiring the associated reference into the same vi (I don't use User Events).  Is it also possible/or advisable to register multiple events in the same event case in DQHM?  It works well for me in the current implementation. 

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Are you referring to having a single frame of the DQMH Main VI event structure registered for multiple DQMH requests? I haven't seen that pattern before, and I'm concerned that it won't play nicely with certain scripting features like 'Remove Event'.


If I saw multiple requests configured for the same event frame, my first question would be why multiple requests were needed instead of just one.

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You could create a cloneable that contains a graph and buttons, and run it four times embedded in four sub panels. 

Christopher Farmer

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