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Dynamic launch of cloneable modules

I'm getting some interesting behavior with cloneable modules and call by reference for a subsystem controller I'm developing. The subsystem controller is supposed to be able to start a selection of different cloneable "subsystem" modules, where each could have multiple clones. The controller will then control with a common API all subsystems.
I have based the dynamic launching implementation on the HSE-application template.

To my cloneable module i have added a "Load Module.vi"


Which gets called by the called by reference launcher:


Calling the launcher multiple time should start the module multiple times, but I only get a single instance of the module.
Which I can confirm with the modules API tester. 

However when the API tester vi is open (just open, not running) and I call the launcher, through a launcher tester vi, multiple times, I do get multiple instances. 
Somehow the API tester is loading essential parts of the clone registration into memory. 


I could confirm that by adding the "Start Module.vi" within a diagram disable structure to my launcher tester vi. 

Now the clone registration works and I can launch multiple instances of the cloneable module


What solutions are there for such behavior? Adding the "Start Module.vi" to my subsystem controller would add a static dependency, which I would like to avoid.
Is there a way to dynamically load the clone registration into memory?

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