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DQMH Code base sharing platform / IMAQdx DQMH module

Hi all,


I have a general and a specific question:


1) Is there a place to share and trade DQMH modules? E.g. we have some general DQMH wrappers to save measurement data or for device drivers. Is there a place to share these standalone modules?


2) I am looking for a general IMAQdx DQMH module. Is there already something out there that I did not find or somebody who is willing to share it?


Cheers, Niko

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Hey Niko,


at the moment, there's no single source of DQMH "ready-made" modules or templates that I know of. Which is a pity!


Some of us have been sharing their libraries and modules - I'm sure you've stumbled upon ours - and even though there have been talks about creating such a platform or using other, already existing platforms, nothing has come to fruition yet. 


With all that being said, a little bird tweeted that next week's DQMH Podcast by Wired-In Software / Chris Farmer, due 13th of April, might have some related, definitely exciting news... 😉

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