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DQMH 7 Clonable Scripting Issue

I have a module template for cloneable modules. As part of the template I have an child class implemented for both the Module Admin and the Message Queue. When I try to add a request and wait for reply (or round trip) I get the following issue:


Where the scripting has correctly identified/linked the property node to the tunnel.
Is this a known issue or is there something further I have done which could have caused this?
It's also probably worth noting this only occurs in my MHL the EHL and Helper loops work fine.

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This bug has been filed to the DQMH Consortium as Issue #918. It appears to only affect Main VIs that use a custom child class of the cloneable module admin class. For now, the only workaround is to manually fix the broken wire in the MHL after the scripting is done.

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