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Create new event terminal placment improvement

In my environment the label position of the control terminals is set to top-right:




As a result, if I create a new event which has a name longer than couple characters my label extends way over the left side of the terminal (like on the picture above). When a new event is created the API tester button is placed in a way that the left side of the label is actually outside of the border of the event case. When I grab the terminal the event case changes its size, which is a bit annoying.


In the current DQMH release the terminal position in the DQMH New Event.lvlib:Create API Tester Button.vi is a constant which is fine for everybody using the to top left label orientation, but not for me.


I changed the VI as the pic shows below, which solved the problem. This means no change for people using the top-left but fixes the problem for people using the top-right orientation. It a miniscule improvement, but as I have already implemented it I thought it might be useful for others.


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More wiring:


My module template has an EHL slightly higher than in the stock template. As the position of DQMH Enque message VI is a constant in the DQMH New Event.lvlib:Script Standard Event Case Contents.vi the error cluster in my event cases look like this:





can be fixed putting the Enque message VI relative to the error output tunnel of the event structure:


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Probably it would be better to place the VI based on the tunnel right at the beginning, but I didnt want to mess up the VI too bad. Also I have not implemented this for cloneables, I just checked if I can do it for singletons.


As a result the enque message VI connects to the error out with a straight wire:



(if fixes like this wont get implemented then just let me know. It makes no sense to spam the forum with this type of messages if they dont help. I wont get offended :))

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