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Can I add remoteTargets and Devices to DQMH project?

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Dear all,


Here is my situation:

  • I am using DQMH project
  • motorized stages and other hardware is directly connected to my PC with USB cables
  • I have already developed many DQMH modules for the connected hardware
  • Now, a new sensor is needed to firstly connect to a cRIO controller (cRIO-9054), and then to my PC 

My questions are: 

  • How can I add this controller to this existing DQMH project? I was trying to use New » Targets and Devices command as for regular LabVIEW project, but Targets and Devices option is not shown under DQMH project manual.
  • If I can not add remote targets to current DQMH project, how can the new sensor communicate with other hardware in the system?

Thank you very much, any input is very welcome.



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Accepted by topic author Pacino

Hi, you can take a look at the following link


Delacor API Tester for RT


Best Regards.


Enrique Noé Arias

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Hey Pacino,


TL;DR: DQMH does not include ready-made functions for working with distributed systems. 


A CompactRIO is a separate computer, and as such, usually there needs to be a separate application running on it. In "regular LabVIEW", as you call it, you would create a new .lvproj file (or maybe use an existing one) for that separate application, add the cRIO as a new target, and start developing your application.


The exact same is true for DQMH. You need to create a new .lvproj, and develop an application running on that cRIO, with or without using DQMH for this new, separate application. 


One of the functionalities you will need to implement is communication between your current application running on your PC and the real-time application running on the cRIO. This can be done in a number of ways, ranging from shared variables (eww!) to TCP/IP protocols.


We have an open-source project that contains DQMH modules for network communication. Feel free to take a look at https://dokuwiki.hampel-soft.com/code/dqmh/generic-networking - maybe you can make use of it.

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Thank you all for the replies, they are very useful.


My issues is more about "Target and Devices Option Missing When Adding a Real-Time Controller in LabVIEW", and I found the answer here.  To sum up, I am using LabVIEW 64bits, so the Targer and Devices option is not shown in the labview project. 

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