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Bug - Creating the first Local Instance Event for a cloneable module sometimes fails with Error 1397 in DQMH 7.0 (workaround provided)

One of the new features in DQMH 7.0 is Private Events, and a subset of private events is Local Instance Events for cloneable modules. There is a bug in DQMH 7.0 where scripting the first local instance event of a cloneable module may fail with Error 1397. This has been reported to the DQMH Consortium as Issue #881.


The following workaround (as silly as it sounds) can help you avoid this error when creating your first Local Instance Event. Open the Obtain Request Events.vi for your cloneable module and reposition the Module Request Events indicator terminal so that its connected wire has a vertical segment:




After doing this, you should be able to create your first Local Instance Event without error. And since the issue only affects creating the first local instance event, all subsequence event creation actions should work fine.


This issue will be fixed in the next DQMH release.

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