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Announcing DQMH 4.0

Hello DQMH wirers (I kind of like this one... we continue to look for a good name;) ), 


We have been busy implementing several of the requests you have sent to us either by direct contact or via this DQMH forum. We also continue to eat our own dog food as we use DQMH in our own internal projects. We have been using DQMH 4.0 internally for a while and even shared the Beta version with some of you already. The feedback from our Beta testers has made DQMH 4.0 even better and ensures that we continue to honor the quest for the best Developer Experience (DX). Keep the feedback coming, and you can always add your DQMH feature request via the DQMH feature requests document on this DQMH forum.

Main new features:

You can find the complete release notes here

Download DQMH 4.0 via VIPM or the LabVIEW Tools Network. Watch this video for a quick tour of the changes and how to upgrade your existing DQMH modules to 4.0.



Happy wiring,

Delacor team and Fab

For an opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Steve, Joerg, and Brian amongst them):
Check out DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop!

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