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When I create a new Broadcast, here's what the new frame in the API Tester looks like:




I almost always end up adding the following code by hand (usually by copying it from another frame):




It seems to me that most of this code could be scripted. Maybe everything except the value of the first format string?


(idea originally posted here)


I would like a right-click plugin where I could right-click a DQMH broadcast subVI and "Find Event Frames". This would search all VIs in my current project for event structures that are registered for the broadcast event fired by the subVI I clicked on, and show me a list of results that I could double-click and be shown the event frames one at a time. Or I guess it could just open all the diagrams for me, since I probably want to walk through all of them anyway.


The operation could take a while, but would be worth it. I often find myself wondering where all the places are in my code that are registered for a particular broadcast.


(idea originally posted here)


When I need one of the reply payload values of a Request and Wait for Reply VI, I need to unbundle 100% of the time. What if the Request and Wait for Reply VI output the reply payload elements individually on the VI conpane so I don't need to unbundle? I often make this change manually to my Request and Wait for Reply VIs. And I never unbundle the error from the payload, since it's already merged into the error stream inside the VI. So I wouldn't expect that output to be on the conpane. But all the other payload parameters, you betcha!


(idea originally posted here)


This was originally raised by Joerg here:



To quote Joerg:

"Sometimes, the error cluster that feeds into the Delacor QMH Error Handler - Message Handling Loop.vi doesn't convey enough information to identify the origin of the error. For example, an Error "91 - Variant To Data in xyz.lvlib:Main.vi" does not tell me in which MHL case the variant to data operation failed. It would be nice to have the selector label of the MHL's case that the error occurred in."


Feature Request: Somehow (not sure what the best way would be) make the error handler include the last message's name (string) in the error broadcast."