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Get support when using Delacor toolkits.
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Please create an additional toolbar named "Delacor" that has at least 2 buttons: one to create a new module, one to create a new event.


It's too tedious to go everytime via menu Tools, Delacor, DQMH, bla bla




In this picture you can see on the right the JKI tester toolbar, and also the NI Unit Test Framework toolbar.







In order to reduce the number of clicks to launch a DQMH scripter, that would be great to be able to launch them from the LabVIEW New... menu !

Indeed this window has several advantages :

  1. The tree view keeps its layout from one excution to another. So if the last thing I did from that window was to launch the 'New Event...' scripter, next time I'll launch this window this item will be directly accessible
  2. It allows inserting the created code into the project or not. So to create quick code without adding it to the currently open project, this is quite usefull
  3. The tree view makes easier to choose the scripter to launch. With Tools menu, if the mouse pointer accidently leaves the menu and overs another menu entry, you've got to go back and re-do some of the menu selection process
  4. A LV keyboard shortcut can be added to the New... action. In my case I redirected the CTRL+N shortcut to launch the 'New...' window instead of triggering the 'New VI' action. It would allow me to launch a scripter with 1 keyboard shortcut + 1 double click ! Quite fast !


Original idea from Matthias Baudot in https://anchor.fm/wired-in-software/episodes/Episode-6---Matthias-Baudot-from-Studio-Bods-emtpti


When you have lots of modules (20+), initializing module selector control tends to take seconds that can be annoying when you need to use the scripting tools.


Finding a way to remove this init time would greatly improve the user experience in large application development.


Wouldn't it be great if we could hook into the scripting process of DQHM and, for example, add our own automation steps to the creation of new modules or new events? Something like the "post-build VI" feature of the application builder...


This has been discussed before in the now deprecated "Feature Requests" thread




Including DQMH modules into our application framework, we need to script the creation of new modules / requests and so on.


However, current scripting GUIs do not have any controls connected to the connector pane.

Also, even if we could pass some values to these interfaces, we would even need to control if we want to show their HMI or control the creation / cancellation of a scripting action whitout having to press on the OK / Cancel button.


Allowing to programmatically control the DQMH scripting VIs would be great !!


It's not completely related to the framework itself, but I'd like to have a tool to generate an "error VI" (like Module Not Running--error.vi) with custom error code not already use in the project or selected among the existing ones.


If we could also have an API that list error codes and text, I would like it 🙂