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Ship 'Barebones' module templates with DQMH

Status: Development Started

The exact way of doing this still needs figuring out.

I have 'barebones' singleton and cloneable module templates that I always use when creating new DQMH modules for projects. I started with the shipping module templates and removed:

- 'Do Something' events

- All #Bookmarks

- Simulate EHL/MHL error buttons


I propose DQMH ship with these simple module templates. They help save several minutes when creating a new module. I'm not suggesting changing the project template, but rather simply adding two new options in the Add New DQMH Module drop-down:



I'm open to suggestions for different names. 🙂


Darren, I can not agree more, I also always delete the same, my suggestion would be to create a separate catalog of VIPM packages.
I have 4 different flavors that I always use:


Singleton and Clonable with helper loop.

Singleton and Clonable wit subpanel support.


I can't find a directl traslation to Spanish for the  "Barebone" word so, I would sugest, 'simplified Singleton/Cloneable', 'minimized Singleton/Cloneable', if Barebone makes more sense I don´t mind.




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What if these barbones templates became the standard ones, and the original set are relabeled to something like "Singleton (includes guiding text and sample events)".



Christopher Farmer

Certified LabVIEW Architect and LabVIEW Champion
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Status changed to: Development Started

The exact way of doing this still needs figuring out.

Olivier Jourdan

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