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Rename Module Type to Module Template in "Create new module" dialog

Status: Released

This is more of a question or request for comments than an actual feature request:


In the dialogue window for creating a new DQMH module, should we rename the caption "Module Type" to "Module Template"? For a vanilla installation of DQMH, there are only two templates to choose from (Singleton and Cloneable), so the caption makes sense. Once you start adding your own templates, not so much anymore. Also, for documentation purposes, it would make things clearer if we separated the term "type" from the term "template".


In addition, it would be nice to see the actual type of the module (singleton or cloneable) added to the name in the dropdown list (see screenshot).




Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-05 um 11.14.33.png

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