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Make the API Tester not stop in case of error

Status: Released

Thank you for your suggestion @FabiolaDelaCueva 😉


Case #767 was created.



The problem I want to fix:

I want to be able to try to fix or poke the code more when an error occurs in the API Tester. The opportunity of going to the block diagram or attempting to send a different request goes away because the API Tester, by default, closes when an error occurs.


How I propose fixing it:

The first thing that I change on an API Tester at the first error is to remove the OR connected to the stop terminal in the loop and add an error indicator at the end instead of the Simple Error Handler and connect a local variable for the error. Would you please vote to have DQMH do this by default and have a validator to modify existing API Testers?


Current API Tester:



Proposed change:





Fab (yes, being the DQMH Lead Architect does not guarantee that all my wishes are turned into reality 😉 )


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Status changed to: Released

Thank you for your suggestion @FabiolaDelaCueva 😉


Case #767 was created.



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