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Allow creation of a new DQMH module in a folder that only contains a project

Status: Released

Small change, big impact. Accepted.

I sometimes need to implement a DQMH module in isolation. So the first thing I do is create a new blank project and save it (this will be the dev project for the new module). Then I try to create a new DQMH module in the same folder as that project (by editing the 'Module Save Path' to point to the folder containing the new blank project):




When I try to click OK, I get a dialog that says I can't create the module because the specified folder contains LabVIEW files:


Yeah, I know the folder contains a LabVIEW file... it's the blank project. The Add Module dialog wants me to create a new subfolder for the new module, but I don't want that... I want the module and all its files to live in the same folder as the isolated development .lvproj. I propose that this file check be changed to remove ".lvproj" files from the list of LabVIEW file types that it checks for.

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Oh, and the workaround is silly... while the dialog is up, I can delete the .lvproj file from disk, then click OK, and the new module will be created, and the .lvproj will be re-created as well, since saving the .lvproj is part of the new module creation process. 😛

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Status changed to: Released

Small change, big impact. Accepted.

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