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Connect LabVIEW to iPad, iPhone, Android over OSC

Connect LabVIEW to iPad, iPhone, Android over OSC

Hey DIY Crew,

I wanted to make you guys aware of the things we're doing with OSC and LabVIEW.

This is a link to our community page about OSC:

Feel free to get involved by joining the group, posting on project discussions, and uploading projects of your own.

If anything else, download the beta of the new OSC subVI's for development. We'll be in the package manager as soon as we get things polished up.

We're currently working on a guitar effects project over OSC using a cRIO and the TouchOSC app:

We're also exploring other apps and their interaction with LabVIEW over OSC.

There's an example included in the package download that's a great starting point for those interested in developing some applications.

We're especially excited to see what the DIY Crew can come up with.


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