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*.stp file creation

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Hello Team,


While going through some of the examples in Diadem help , Read Excel files.STP  files created and used in the Script files. i would like to know how this STP files are created? I have an excel file in *.csv format and i have created a data plugin for this how can i create STP file for this? 


Thanks in advance.


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Hi rajeswari,


The *.stp file was the preferred way to load an ASCII file back in DIAdem 9.0.  For the past decade we've used a superior techology called "DataPlugins".  I wrote a quick DataPlugin for the one data file you submitted.  You just need to double-click on this *.uri file, then drag the CSV file into the Data Portal.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Accepted by topic author rajeswari

Thanks for the plugin it works great!!

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will this .uri file work with Excel too?

I want to add channel data to Excel and it should be organized by date.

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Hi himanshu25,


It is also possible to create a DataPlugin which will load data from a particularly formatted Excel data file.  All DataPlugins created with VBScript deploy with a *.uri file, but such VBScript DataPlugins are also all read-only.  So if you really want to send data from DIAdem to Excel, we should consider other options.  In that case, please specify which DIAdem version you're using, because there have been new developments on this feature front lately.


If you actually meant loading data channels from an Excel data file, please post several of these types of Excel data files, and I can take a look at creating a DataPlugin for them.  Or you can try the Excel DataPlugin Wizard in the DIAdem NAVIGATOR to see if that will do the same thing for you.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Brad,

I am using DIAdem 17.0.1f6881 Service Pack 1.

I can load Excel Data files using Data Plugin. I want to write data from *.TDMS file, do some calculations in new channels and then export the calculated data in Excel.

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