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registering .ASC file into DATA

I have successfully used the Register file command to view large data sets rapidly. When I try the same for a DIAdem ASCII file, DIAdem returns the following error: Function "DATARegistration (DataFileInp)" has not yet been activated!
How do I use the Register File function on ASCII files?
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Hello Jarrod,

The "Register File..." operation only works with DIAdem binary files. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that ASCII files are a very inefficient way to store (and thus also retrieve) data.

ASCII files are typically between 4-10 times larger than I16 binary files (I16 = 2-byte integer format).

My suggestion is to load the ASCII file once and save it as an I16. You can then use the register function to access the file in the future.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information that would help you.

Otmar D. Foehner
Viviota Inc.
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