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"order analysis" in Diadem by which command?

Hi: All


     Searching "order analysis" in Diadem by "Diadem help", one simple description about "order analysis", refer to attachment.


     I want to know how to generate the "order analysis" report, by which command in Diadem?could you share me one example with original data and original script?




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Hi jack,


DIAdem has multiple order analysis options in the DIAdem ANALYSIS panel in the "Signal Analysis" palette, but you must have a Professional license to run the "Order Analysis (Time Domain)" dialog or the "Order Analysis (Frequency Domain)" dialog or the "Order Analysis (Bode Plot)" dialog.


One way to try things out quickly, even if you just have the Base or Advanced license in DIAdem, is to run the "Joint Time Frequency and Order Analysis Tool for DIAdem", which you can download from this page:




It is also possible to use a DIAdem script to call the underlying commands behind these ANALYSIS dialogs, but getting the parametrization of those commands correct can be pretty tricky, which is why I created this "tool" to help out.  That way you can quickly try a number of options, then zero in on the one you want.


Brad Turpin

Principal Technical Support Engineer

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