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problems in timing with serial communication

During measurements with a serial communication the timing of the measurement is not correct (delayed about 5%). The displayed time (graph) is reduced about 25 % what means during a measurement period of 24 h the curve shows only 18 h.
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A couple of questions to better understand your scenario:
-Are you using GRAPH or VIEW?
-Are you getting your data from LabVIEW or are you acquiring from DIAdem?
-Have you checked the raw time values? do they look correct? (All the way to 24 h)

Alejandro del Castillo
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Dear DIAdem-User,

the data acquisition via serial port doesn't work with the interrupt functionality but with polling. That means that DIAdem is waiting until your front end comes back with a value. So it is possible that there is an delay between the clock rate you set and the clock rate of the communication. But to verify this more exactly I need more detailed infos about the front end, the DAC scheme and the DIAdem you are working with.

I hope this will help a little bit.

Walter Rick
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Dear Wolf,

It might be caused by the powersave functions on your computer. There are workarounds for this problem and you find them in DIAdem Help. Search for "CPUTraffic" !


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