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noise signal detrending through a mathematical method


I'm new here. I have measurement data (deformation of a building) that contains a noise signal that results from the temperature. The temperature is also available. My task is to use a mathematical method to eliminate the interfering signal How could I best eliminate them?

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Find the frequency of the noise and eliminate it using a filter.  Need a lot more info and example signals to tackle your problem

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Thank you for your Answer


Sensors were placed on a bridge to measure the deformation. These sensors provide the deformation over a certain time. The problem is that in the measured deformation part from the temperature is located, which is subordinate and must be filtered out. The temperature was also measured and exist.


I have two Photos attached

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This is just images without data... Could you run FFT on both channels to see which frequency needs to be filtered out?

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I wanted to upload the Diadem file but I could not

Do you know why?

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i have attached the file belw

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Is that expected to look something like this?


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I don't think so.


My task is to find a mathematical method to eliminate the Influence of temperature on deformation. The Compensated signal would have to be like the Original one but with low fluctuation.
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Hi Mah,


Wouldn't a low-pass digital filter catch the slow deformation induced by temperature changes?  Say anything less than 5 Hz?


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments


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