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max. Groups and Channels?

Hi fscommand,


I'm glad to hear you made progress on your own.  Note that it should be possible to create a full report even if you can't load all the channels at once.  Back before DIAdem had multiple REPORT sheets, the way that you would create multipage prints or PDF files was to start a print job and add pages to it one at a time.  This is still possible, thus you could load in one block of data, then add all the pages for that block one at a time to the print job, then delete that data block from the Data Portal and load in the next data block.


PrintOrient = "landscape" ' orient paper

Call PrintMaxScale("GRAPH") ' auto-max, see alternative margin setting variables below

'Call PicPrintDlg("WinPrint") ' Optional print dialog

'PrintLeftMarg = 0.181

'PrintTopMarg = 0.181

'PrintWidth = 10.67

'PrintHeigth = 7

Call DocStart ' Begin multi-page document/print job

FOR i = 1 TO 3

 Call PicLoad(AutoActPath & "Graph" & i & ".LPD")

Call PicUpdate

Call PicPrint("WinPrint") ' Add a page to be printed

NEXT ' i

Call DocEnd ' End multi-page document/print job


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

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Hi Brad,

It looks like the report 2D chart can only hold 250 curve/channel, how can we plot more curve on the 2d chart report?

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Hey AntCoder,


When I checked this in DIAdem 2018, I also ran up against a 250 curve limitation in the REPORT graph.  The time honored (and ugly) workaround in DIAdem for this is to overlay multiple 2DAxis objects and put the first 250 curves on the first graph, the next 250 curves on the next graph, etc.  This is marginally nicer now that you can officially group REPORT objects, so that you can resize or reposition your FrankenGraph without any of the component graphs slithering out and messing up the perfect overlay.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Thanks a lot. I distribute them into several D2Axis Chart and make them overlapped, the result looks good.

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