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how to read in date/time with ascii import

I have an ascii data file with a time column in the following format
ddd hh:nn:ss
the seconds are like 11.1234567, so it would look like

234 12:23:11.1234567

I have tried different format options to read this in
with no luck. The data I read in I am then using in CLIP/Insight. The video has this time on it and I need it in the data set to be able to sync them up.
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The problem with this data format seems to be the 'ddd' at the beginning of the data format.

DIAdem expexts the 'dd' to be a day of a month, not a day in a year. I can offer you a solution though:

Please upload or send me two of your data files and we will create a little script in DIAdem that will import your data format and make it available in DIAdem and DIAdem CLIP.

You can upload them here in the forum or send them to me at:


Please compress the files (with ZIP or similar technology) if they are large.

Otmar D. Foehner
Viviota Inc.
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