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how to allow the user to select multiple files from a dialog

In an autosequence how can I put up a dialog that
will allow the user to pick multiple files?
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You can use a standard file dialog window. Use the FileNameGet command to launch a new dialog window. To allow multiple file selections in this new file dialog window, you have to pass a file name in the [FileDlgASCIIName] parameter of the FileNameGet command. Take a look at the following sample code:

FileDlgFilt = ""
FileDlgFilt = FileDlgFilt & "ASCII Import (*.*)"
FileDlgCaption = "Select the data file to load"
Call FileNameGet("ANY", "FileRead", FileDlgDir, FileDlgFilt, "test.dat", 1, FileDlgCaption)

Please, refer to the The Command FileNameGet(..) help for more information.
Diego F.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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