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filter entries in chnlistbox



I'm wondering if it's possible to filter entries in a channel selection list (chnlistbox). For instance I have two groups of data, each with voltage, current, power, etc in them. In one set of chnlistbox's I would like to display the channels from group one and in the other set from group two


The road I was starting to go down was using the ChnListBox1_EventInitialize() routine, but I'm not sure how to delete list items (or to otherwise get them to not display). 


If anyone has advice on this, I would appreciate itThanks

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I have checked with R&D and it is not currently possible to filter the entires in the chnlistbox.


The current recommended way to do this is to use a regular listbox and populate the items according to your specifications.

Jason Daming
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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This forum thread is 5 years old. I recommend posting on a new or more recent thread. 

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Hi butIdontwantanalias,


I'd suggest that you programmatically use the filter form in the Data Portal to do the filter string matching in a Channel List Box control of your own, like this:


Set PortalDisp = Portal.Structure
PortalDisp.FilterForm.ChannelFilterText = "Gen" ' < your filter string here >
Call PortalDisp.FilterForm.Expand(1)
FOR Each Group In Data.Root.ChannelGroups
  FOR Each Channel In Group.Channels
    IF PortalDisp.IsElementDisplayed(Channel) THEN
      i = i + 1
      ' add to ChnListBox
      ' ChnListBox.Items.Add Channel.Name, i
      Msg = Msg & Channel.Name & vbCRLF
    END IF
  NEXT ' Channel
NEXT ' Group
MsgBox Msg


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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