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dll Error Running Script


I'm having an intermittent issue when I run a script that loads a Report. The error is shown in the screen shot below, 2018-11-19 09-46-47_DIAdem.png


The line of code that the error refers to:

Call Report.LoadLayout(MyFolders(1)&"T4 DGB - SS Layout.TDR") 


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Hi BrianCT,


Some thoughts I have:


  1. What is the scope of the variable "MyFolders"? Does the function with this line of code have access to that memory?
  2. What is the string contained in "MyFolders(1)"? Is it a directory with restricted access by Windows?
  3. Your filename doesn't have a "\" at the beginning, is there one at the end of "MyFolders(1)"?
    • MyFolders(1) = "C:\Users\NickelsAndDimes"
    • MyFolders(1)&"Quarters.tdr" -> C:\Users\NickelsAndDimesQuarters.tdr
    • MyFolders(2) = "C:\Users\NickelsAndDimes\"
    • MyFolders(2)&"Quarters.tdr" -> C:\Users\NickelsAndDimes\Quarters.tdr
Nick Smith
Product Support Engineer
C Series Controllers
National Instruments
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So, I don't think that the script is the cause of the error. Today I dragged a TDR into the Report tab and got the same error. When I pressed "OK" DIAdem did not crash, but only one of the 70 tabs was loaded. I did the same action again and it loaded with no issues.


I was able to intermittently replicate this issue.


2018-11-30 12-09-47_DIAdem - [REPORT_   NONAME.TDR].png

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Hi Brian,


Was DIAdem working as expected for a while before this error and recently started acting up, or has this been happening since DIAdem was first installed?


One general recommendation I have is to perform a Force Reinstall, which can clear up issues with corrupt files in your install (a regular reinstall only fixes missing files, not corrupted files). It's not a guaranteed fix, but it's definitely something to try sooner in the troubleshooting process rather than later. Worst case scenario, it eliminates a potential cause of the problems before any deeper troubleshooting is pursued.

Force Reinstall Non-Working or Corrupt NI Software

Nick Smith
Product Support Engineer
C Series Controllers
National Instruments
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