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diadem gdi error

DIAdem 2012. 


I am trying to export a report to .jpg but receive the following error after about 5 min of it attempting to save.  I watched the memory usage of DIAdem and saw it jump dramatically when it executed this command.  The memory railed at 1.8 Gb.  I have more than enough RAM in the system, there are several Gb unused at this point.   When Ii reduce the amount of data being plotted, the .jpg export works fine.  Any thoughts?  Is this a known problem or ideas of how to work around?  Thanks



Callreport.Sheets("Pinson_Plot").ExportToImage(DEFAULT_DATA_DIRECTORY & "Pinson_Plot_" & left(Selected_Channel_Group_Name,8) & right(Selected_Channel_Group_Name,7) & ".jpg",eImageExportTypeJPG)

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Hi Jason,


All DIAdem versions (this century) up to and including DIAdem 2012 have been a 32bit application.  This limits the amount of RAM the operating system will allocate to DIAdem and all its child processes to 2 GB (2^31 bytes).  I suspect that the 1.8 GB maximum value you saw is the visible portion of that memory.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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