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data from yy/mm/dd to diadem dd/mm/yy

I have a * .csc file with test data. And in it the date goes in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss exzample 2021-08-25 15:45:35. When I import it from txt, the date is displayed incorrectly. How to fix it?


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The display of date/time values in DIAdem is controlled by a global variable named 'TimeFormat'.  You can view and change the format by visiting:  menu 'Settings', option 'DIAdem Settings', 'General', 'General', 'Time Format:'.  


You didn't indicate where in DIAdem you were viewing the date/time values.  In the Data Portal, the display is controlled by 'Time Format'.  In View, you can change the display in a Channel Table, and of course in a chart plot.  In Report, you can modify the default format of date/time values in a chart too.  


Make sure those values are actually a data type of Date/Time (DIAdem calls it 'Time"), and not a string.  In the Data Portal, look a the channel property "Other~Display format".  It will be 'Text', 'Numeric', or 'Time'.  If not the desired format ('Time'), then revise your CSV DataPlugin.  

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Thanks for the offer, but it didn't work. The second problem has opened. When unloading, the separator of the integer and fractional parts was used "," it was also the separator of columns.
In this regard, the question.
Is it possible to decompose the contents of one cell into other cells and then assemble from these cells in the desired sequence.
Example 1. Value in the format yyyy-mm-dd -> put in 3 cells year, month, day. and then reassemble everything into one cell in the desired format.
Example 2. in the first cell I have "1", in the second "753265845365" (12 or 13 digits) and I need to put all this in one cell and get 1.753265845365

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Please post a sample of the CSV file.  A couple of lines is all that is needed.  

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