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can't add new channel - DIAdem out of memory

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i've loaded a huge chunk of data to my DIAdem. I've got 92 Groups with approx. 740 Channels each and a Channellength with about 1000.


Now i can't do anything in DIAdem Smiley Happy


When i try to calculate a channelaverage betwenn two channels, i get the message "Die gewünschte Kanalmenge konnte nicht angelegt werden". I even can't do ChnLinGenImp.


Is there a way to increase the memory allocated to DIAdem with a parameter? Or is this just too much data at all...


Here are my systeminfos:

DIAdem 12.0.1 SP1b


RAM Usage 1.410.700K


OS: Win7 Enterprise SP1 64Bit

CPU: i5 M520 @ 2.40GHz



With best regards

Martin Kozlowski

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Hi Martin,


DIAdem has a maximum global channel count of 65335 (2^16).  Based on the numbers you provided, it sounds like you're bumping up against this hard limit.  Would it be possible to load part of the data set into the Data Portal and perform your calculations in stages?


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Brad,


thank you for the information.

I've got a script which loads only the required data. I was just testing with the complete thing and was wondering, if there's a way to push the limits.


With best regards

Martin Kozlowski

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