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add new channels from vbs filter loop

I am running a for loop in VBS to auto sequence a filter on 27 channels. My loop works but each new filter channel overwrites the last channel in my DIAdem channels list. I wish to create a new channel for each filtered channel.
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Every time you run the filter, DIAdem will write a new data channel into the data matrix. The result channel from a calculation will always have the same name (e.g. "FilteredSignal" for the result of the digital filter calculations). Whenever DIAdem finds that a channel name is already present in the data matrix, it will overwrite that channel with the new results.

The easiest way to stop DIAdem from overwriting the channels would be to change the channel name (variable CN, you can look it up in the help system) right after the call for the digital filter operation:

Call CHNFILTCALC("Time","Sound","FilteredSignal","FIR","Bessel","Band stop",2,0,20,130,1.2,25,"Hamming",0,0)

The third parameter is the channel name.

Hope this helps,

Otmar D. Foehner
Viviota Inc.
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