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Vertically sync time position for two or more 2D axis systems?

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In DIAdem: VIEW,


Is it possible to vertically sync the time position for two or more 2D axis system charts placed above each other?


I have displayed several channels on one 2D chart, and one channel of particular interest on a separate chart above, which was very easy to do. It would be really useful to sync the time position on both charts, such that scrolling one chart also scrolls the second chart, or zooming one chart also zooms the second chart to the same area, which seems like a fairly basic thing to want to do, but I haven't found a way to do it yet.


Any help greatly appreciated!

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Hi JohnGrove,


Yes, you can do this.  First change the VIEW cursor from the default crosshair cursor to the band cursor by clicking on the icon with the two vertical lines "| |" at the top of the VIEW panel.  Now arrange the band cursors to select the time region you want to zoom into.  Now click on the "Scroll in Cursor Range" icon "<=>" at the top of each of your 2 VIEW graphs to zoom into that defined time region.  You should now have both graphs synchronized in time-- if you drag the bottom graph left or right, the top graph will follow, and if you drag the top graph left or right the bottom graph will follow.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Brad,


Yes, I have been using that method, which works fine up to a point.


But, say you have several curves displayed on the bottom chart, with the Y-Axis set to "n Y-axes", then the start of the x-axis will be further across to the right than the top chart which has only one curve displayed.

It is possible to add an empty area to the left of the top chart, to push the start of the x-axis across into alignment (see attached), but every time you add or remove a curve on the bottom chart, or the scale changes enough to add a digit, the start of the x-axis moves and the top chart needs aligning again.


I'm really after a method to lock both ends of both x-axes to the same vertical screen position, so everything stays aligned automatically?


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Accepted by topic author JohnGrove

Hi JohnGrove,


Actually, yes we CAN do that-- if you have DIAdem 2010.  There's an example called "Alignment Functions in DIAdem VIEW" that shipped for the first time with DIAdem 2010.  When you run that example you will get a new star "*" icon at the top right of the VIEW panel.  Click on this new icon to get a collection of axis alignment functions that I believe will make you happy.


Let us know,

Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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That's exactly what I was looking for, but I hadn't found the time to work through all the examples yet.


Thanks very much for your help Brad.

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