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Vertical Constant Won't Display on Graph


I am trying to add vertical lines on my graph page, like a t1 and t2 band based off of some calculations.  My script already generates the data curve as well as the t1 and t2 values and I'd like to add two lines that define a time window programmatically.


The issue is that the vertical lines get added to the graph, but don't display.  When I right click on the graph and select the "Display" option, both the data curve and the vertical lines are listed.  The vertical line is a constant type with a set value in the X-Channel and "NOVALUE" in the Y-Channel.  The interesting thing is that, if I swap the x and y channels ("NOVALUE" in the X-Channel and a set value in the Y-Channel), everything displays as it should.  I have checked to make sure the axis ranges are properly set and that the line definition is such that the width of the line is thick enough to see.


I experience the same exact behavior even if I try to add the vertical lines non-programmatically, using the Report window and adding by hand.  The only way I can get a x-constant line to generate is by starting fresh in the Report window and adding a brand new graph on a brand new report page.


The only other thing I can think to do is create a temporary numeric Y-channel that is linear between my minimum and maximum values and use that to generate an additional curve with the set value in the x.


Can anyone help?  Please let me know if any additional information is required.





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In case anyone was wondering, I found the issue:


The previous author had assigned the data plot's X-axis a unit of "ms."  Because the x-constant line I generated is unit-less, it wouldn't display on my graph.  I removed the units from the X-axis of the data plot and the vertical constant lines display properly.





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