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VLM 3.1 issue with named user license of DIAdem 2018

One of our users on a Windows 10 computer keeps getting the following error:




They are granted a temporary license and still able to use DIAdem, but it seems odd that this keeps occurring.  Has anyone seen this?  I can't explain why only one of the four named-user licenses of DIAdem Advanced has this issue unless there is some sort of network connectivity issue with that computer, but no such issues have been reported by the user.  Could this be a license file problem?

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I have seen issues with the VLM not picking up the fully qualified domain name of the license server. Is the computer in question on a different sub-net?  If so, append the DNS suffix of the license server to the client computer's network adapter DNS search paths.



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I actually had the same problem on my computer today.  When I checked the ethernet adapter settings, I found them to be as they are in your screenshot.  I did reboot the license server computer, then closed and reopened DIAdem on my computer and the problem did not reoccur.

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Hi PKUK, can you provide an example of what, if anything needs to go in these fields:



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The two circled field are typically blank if using DHCP.  What needs to be added is the DNS suffix of the license server.  If your server's fully qualified domain name is "server.xxx.yyy.com" you need to select the option "Append these DNS suffixes" and add "xxx.yyy.com" to the DNS search path. When resolving a host name, DNS will first search locally (within the same sub net), then search for the host name in any domains listed in the box, starting with the top one and working its way down the list.



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Thank you PKUK.  This is what the IT department's response is regarding a potential issue with the subnet:


"Both subnets are configured to have traffic flow between them (if this wasn’t working, you’d know immediately because your Desktop and Documents would not appear/load). 


I believe the issue Johns has with VLM is not related to any networking configuration, his IPv4 settings should be set to Automatic, like every other client desktop at Achates."


As I mentioned, rebooting the license server fixed the problem.  Next time the issue occurs, I'll try adding the DNS suffix just to see if that helps at all.


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