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VB Script using DataFileLoadSel

Hi,  I am using Diadem 2018 and have the following need.  I have a test that creates TDMS files every hour during a 11 hour cycle.  We are running 24 cycles so I have 264 TDMS data files for this test.  I would like to create a script that allows me to select the data files needed and pull out a particular data channel and time channel, append the channel data from all the TDMS files selected and show just the appended data channel and time channel in the Data Portal. 


I have found code to select and get all the TDMS name and path.  I then tried Call DataFileLoadSel(DataFiles(i),"TDMS","[1]/[34]","Append").  The help files makes it seem like this should work, but I keep getting errors when I run the script.  It will load the first channel in the Data Portal, but the next one will give me a "Cannot Load file XXXX.tdms with the  loader TDMS, Appending to internal data failed."


Can someone help with getting a script to do as described above or help with the DataFileLoadSel() function?




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Here are some DataFileLoadSel() examples that load a DIAdem example file that comes with the DIAdem installation (with my helping function sFilePathDIAdemExample()):


Load all channels from the first channel group

Call Data.Root.Clear()

Call DataFileLoadSel(sFilePathDIAdemExample("Example.tdm"),"TDM","[1]/*")


'Load the first & 4th channel in the first channel group

Call Data.Root.Clear()

Call DataFileLoadSel(sFilePathDIAdemExample("Example.tdm"),"TDM","[1]/[1]|[1]/[4]")


'Load the first & 4th channel in the first channel group

Call Data.Root.Clear()

Call DataFileLoadSel(sFilePathDIAdemExample("Example.tdm"),"TDM","[1]/[1]|EXAMPLE/Torque")


'Load the first, second, third, and 4th channel from the first channel group

Call Data.Root.Clear()

Call DataFileLoadSel(sFilePathDIAdemExample("Example.tdm"),"TDM","[1]/[1,2,3,4]")


Function sFilePathDIAdemExample(ByVal sFilename)
'Returns the full absolute file/path for the location of the DIAdem
'example (TDM/TDMS) file sFilename. Looks in the usual places.
'Returns "" if the file cannot be found.
sFilePathDIAdemExample = ""
Dim arrFilePaths, sFilePath, sFolder: ReDim arrFolders(1)
arrFolders(0) = ProgramDrv: arrFolders(1) = CommonDocumentsPath
Call MsgLineDisp("Searching DIAdem examples for file '" & sFilename & "'..")
For Each sFolder In arrFolders
arrFilePaths = DirListGet(sFolder,sFilename,"Date/Time","FullFilenamesRecursive")
If IsArray(arrFilePaths) Then
For Each sFilePath In arrFilePaths
If InStr(1,sFilePath,"Libr",vbTextCompare) = 0 Then
sFilePathDIAdemExample = sFilePath
Exit For
End If
End If
If Len(sFilePathDIAdemExample) > 0 Then Exit For
If IsArray(arrFilePaths) Then Call Erase(arrFilePaths)
If IsArray(arrFolders) Then Call Erase(arrFolders)
Call MsgLineDisp(vbTab)
End Function 'sFilePathDIAdemExample()


See also examples at: http://www.savvydiademsolutions.com/navigator.php?topic=DataFileLoadSel-specific-channels-by-group-i...


Regarding concatenation of channels, see:


Step #2 of this post: http://www.savvydiademsolutions.com/blog.php?topic=blog-duty-cycle-calculation


This free app:  http://www.savvydiademsolutions.com/apps.php?topic=apps-bulk-concatenate


Contact me if you need a complete script solution.  https://goo.gl/forms/ECjiuj2puIJPRWM13

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