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Using ObsoleteVarCmdCheck.vbc to check entire code base for depreciated variables and commands

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I am trying to automate the check for depreciated code for our code base, the example that the provide in the Diadem help menu includes only one function to call that will check a provided file from a file explorer for depreciated code. Is there any way to automate this? 

The function they use is ScanScriptsForObsoleteVariablesAndCommands() which is located in ObsoleteVarCmdCheck.vbc, the vbc code cant be accessed to modify from my understanding, is there a different function that you can just provide the file path of the file you want the depreciated code report of without the use of the file explorer?

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Hello BrandonHosken,


You can use the "ObsoleteVarCmdCheck_Main.vbs" script to automate the scanning process. If you assign a folder to be scanned to the "sFolderNameToBeScanned" parameter, then no folder selection dialog will open. You will see only some message boxes that will be closed automatically.




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Thank you so much!

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