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UPDATE: MME Import data plugin



i got "MME Import" Data plugin loaded. In DataPlugin settings, i see some plugins has type VBS, but this "MME Import" plugin is VBCrypt type. so i cant edit the source code. So im writing with few wishes:


Can you update the plugin to meets my requirements please?

1) i would like the plugin to be able to process files with BOM encoding. There is no problem with loading UTF-8 encoded files, but the ones with UTF-8-BOM are loaded badly, cause i think your plugin counts with specified number of letters on each line from left, but the BOM makes the letters count bigger so it parses the line badly.

2) and i would like the plugin to be able to load special properties written in MME file with the dot on the beginnng, lines like this for example:

.Number of loadcells 1 :56


Is it possible or its done allready or when it can be done pls? Thanks

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Hi Lukas,


In DIAdem it is not permitted for property names to start with a dot-character (or any character other than a letter or an underscore).  This is why the leading "." character in the property names are replaced by a “_” character.  All properties should all be loaded from the MME file into the Data Portal, just with any leading "." character in the property name replaced by a "_" character.  If you find an instance where a custom property is not being loaded at all from the MME file into the Data Portal, please submit an example file and provide the name of the property that doesn't load.


For completeness, when you use the "MME_Export" DataPlugin to save data from the Data Portal into a new MME data file, the DataPugin automatically swaps out the leading "_" character in the Data Portal property names for the expected "." character inside the MME file.  We fully expect MME files loaded into DIAdem and saved back to a new MME file to be completely compatible with the MME specification, including the leading character of property names.  Please let us know if you observe that this is not the case.



Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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1) the "." leading parameters:

I created a MME file with 2 special parameters


and when i load this in diadem, it loads properly as u described, with "_" on the beginning:



Thats ok, but when i want to save it as mme file in navigator, after i open the the saved file and there are no special parameters. they dissapeared. I wrote my own exporter, which call ur "datafilesave" command and after it manually opens the mme files and push new lines in them with "_" on the beginning.

So will you make a dataplugin which exports mme properly with special parameters? because now it simply ignores them.


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2) the BOM case...

When i got data in ANSI encoding, everything works fine. So i setted the default encoding for our crash lab to be ANSI.

But sometimes we got data in UTF-8. and here comes small problem. When the encoding is without BOM (byte order mark), it loads everything fine. The source looks like this:



but if i have data with BOM, the source file looks like this: (has 6 bytes on the beginning)



When i load the file with BOM in Diadem, the loader doesnt check the encoding and parse it like it is, so after i got messed up property in Diadem like this:




So how to solve this, will you please update the data plugin to take care of this BOM? Or what is your view on this problem? Smiley Happy

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It is allowed to change the MME_Export DataPlugin by your self. Therefor the sourcecode is in the DIAdem subfolder "AddInfo". Here you will find the file "MME_EXPORT.VBS"

As attachment I send you a version of this file with the capability to write the custom properties. I think this is missing in your DIAdem version.

Note: Inside of a mme file there is no channelgroups. All custom Properties you added at the group level will be written at the root level of the mme file.

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