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The command,"Dataloadred" is not working for a very large data file

I have a file which size is 1.8Gb and it has 3 data channels including time channel. I tried reduced loading of the file using the command "Dataloadred" at the interval of 5. The below is the script.

'start script----------------------------
call Filenameget("Data","fileread")
call DataLoadHdFile(Filedlgfile)
call DataLoadRed("Filedlgfile","2-3",1,0,"First interval value","Start/Width/Number",10,453028984
'end script-------------------------------------

The following error message was displayed on the screen, which was resulted from the command, "Dataloadred()".

"loading file (filename): Insufficient channels are available with the required channel length [3/90605794].

To resolve this problem, I tried to allocate the channel length to 200M using the command " Chnalloc
(). But this also resulted in the same kind error as above.

How Can I resolve this problem and load my data by reducing. Your reply would be appreciate.

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Please try this:
1. Start DIAdem
2. Open the "settings" menu
3. Choose "Memory management..."
4. Click the "Data matrix..." button
5. In the dialog, set the "No. of channels" and "Channel length" to meet your requirements
6. Click "Close"
7. DIAdem will now restart and set up the data channels at the length you have selected

Depending on how large you set the data matrix size, starting DIAdem may take a few minutes (depending on your computer equipment).

An alternative to loading and reducing data sets may be the "Register File" function in the DATA window. Once you have clicked on the DATA icon, select the "File" menu and choose the "Register File..." option. Registering files will not actually load a data set, and thus speed up the data acce
ss part of DIAdem. To learn more about this function, go to the help system and search for "Registering a file in DIAdem DATA".

I hope this will help you. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

Otmar D. Foehner
Viviota Inc.
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