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Table syncronization

In the VIEW tab, is there any way to synchronize channel table by time rather than channel row number? Multiple 2D plots do this just fine, but the implementation of the table synchronization with the cursor does not.


Most of the data we process is collected at different sample rates, so while the 2D Axis system plots synchronize just fine, when we synchronize the cursor to the tables, it just grabs the same row numbers regardless of channel sample rate - meaning the table data is not actually "synchronized" with the cursor. An example is shown below. The tables are all synched to row 9639, regardless of the cursor position in the waveform time.




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Hi yobub,


There is no feature in DIAdem 2020 or earlier versions to synchronize the table row highlighting by time value, only by row number.  Your idea makes sense as a feature request, and R&D would be more likely to consider it if you could take a moment and transfer the contents of this Discussion Forum post to the DIAdemIdeas web site.




Brad Turpin

Principal Technical Support Engineer


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