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TDMS library for Linux



I am looking for a library to read and write TDMS files under LINUX. For Windows, we are using TDMS C DLL API (nilibddc). Is it also compatible for LINUX? Or do I have to use different library?


Many thanks for your replies.


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It's dated but this may be a start:



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The linked white paper is useful, but only provides writing, not reading VIs.  One could try to re-create the reading functionality but it is likely a pain.  Is Wine an option for you?  I've never used the Linux desktop with LabVIEW but I assumed the TDMS functions just work, are they not even on the palette?

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Thanks for your reply.


I do not want to use any NI tools because we have our own application which needs to write TDMS files. Reading has low priority.


Do you know if an external API or shared library exists?

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Hi Henrik,


I realize that you are looking for a Shared library solution.  

A python solution that reads and  writes TDMS works for my needs.  (it does not have full ability but it does work for me.)

This is using Python 3.4 and higher, and is using the package npTDMS.   This should work in Linux,Mac or Windows.






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