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TDM Server / The system is not fully initialized.


I don't understand the error message I get when configuring.

Thanks in advance

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according to your picture this is more a SystemLink TDM question than a DIAdem related issue.


Nevertheless, the first thing I would try is to check the configuration of the "SystemLink TDM User Account"
in the "NI SystemLink TDM Configuration" utilty (can be found in the windows start menu).

There you can define the account and its password. Requirements for this account are mentioned there. 


After that you have to create an own datafinder server instance, otherwise you get just shown the standard "FileIndex". 

How this is done, you can find here: https://www.ni.com/docs/en-US/bundle/systemlink/page/creating-configuring-data-indexing.html


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The TDM account has been configured but this does not change the error message.

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first thing is to restart the complete server. If this does not help, then follow the steps below.


  1. I would like to know if the SL server was set up already, as described here: https://www.ni.com/docs/en-US/bundle/systemlink/page/setting-up-systemlink-server.html
  2. Is the product correctly activated? Which version is used? 
  3. Does the server has enough ressources, related to the used version?
  4. Are the SL services are running correctly? NI Systemlink Server configuration and windows services (everything related to Ni SystemLink should run there)
  5. Does the logged-in user have the permission to access the data navigation?
  6. Do you have datafinder server instances defined and have they web access enabled?
  7. If you have a DIAdem installation, a datafinder sever instance defined and the *.urf file exported, can you connect to this instance via DIAdem?
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