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TDM Server Compute Node License Error

So I had the Data management Software Suite 2017 installed but had some issues to installed 2018 SP1 suite.  After installing I'm having some license difficulties.  I run TDM Server Control Panel, then go to the TDM Server Manager web page.  From there I get an error stating:


"The number of configured compute node instances exceeds the number of available licenses. Please open the TDM Server Control Panel, go to Servers - Parallelization, and adjust the number of compute node instances to the number of available licenses. You can look up the number of available licenses in the NI License Manager."


So I open it up and reduce the number of nodes to 1 and restart the computer.  But the error remains


Because I didn't trust the check-out / check-in process on our VLM I created a disconnected license for the computer and applied that.  It shows it is checked out and licensed but refreshing that webpage has the error come up again.


License Error.pngVLM.png


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Compute node instances are used by Data Preprocessor and Analysis Server for automation tasks. The DataFinder Base Edition doesn't allow using Data Preprocessor or Analysis Server, thus provids no Compute note instance license.

To turn-off that warning message, please go into the TDM Server Control Panel and set the number of compute node instances to 0.


Compute Nodes.png

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